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Investment Advice

Investments peace of mind

Professional investment advice to get your money working harder for you.

Let’s grow together

Once we understand your current situation, future plans and goals and attitude to risk, we’ll begin designing your investment solution. In fact for those who have a cautious attitude to risk it’s worth knowing we are able to access the Prudential’s range of ‘smoothed’ funds which have a track record of delivering positive returns despite stock market volatility. Looking ahead we can also arrange for certain investments to be held in trusts which can mitigate Inheritance Tax liabilities.

We believe the single most effective way to reduce investment risk is to diversify all clients’ investments across a broad range of securities. We also think that the best way to do this is to invest in funds, not individual stocks. In a fund, your money is widely diversified – but because your money is pooled with many other investors, the cost you pay for this diversification is low.

We have access to a team of extremely powerful and experienced investment professionals by being part of the Openwork network. Their job is to identify and hold to account some of the best fund managers they can find. And, if any of our chosen fund managers stop delivering to our requirements, we retain the right to swap them for those who can.

Openwork is associated with Omnis, a specialist investment company. The Omnis fund range includes a series of sector funds blended into three risk-rated Model Portfolios.

Omnis also offers a range of multi-asset and multi-manager funds, as well as a Distribution fund run by top fund managers such as Neil Woodford.

Crucially, each fund in the Omnis range is managed by a specially-selected expert fund management group, each able to demonstrate long periods of skill and fund management performance in their particular specialism.

The Omnis range has been designed to help you build an investment solution that accurately reflects your clients’ requirements and their attitude to risk.

Platform Account

Most investments are arranged this way these days and we’ll take you through exactly how a platform brings together your investments and pensions online, allowing you to view them in one place – a bit like online banking.

Different types of investment, such as ISAs, Unit Trusts, Pensions and Bonds, are often held in different places, with different institutions or organisations. Getting a clear, concise view of all your investments can therefore be extremely difficult.

A platform gives you secure, online access to your investment funds, with a transparent, easy-to-understand charging structure. You can view your entire portfolio, use it to access a range of investment options and know exactly what you’re paying for your investments at any one time. So rather than holding all of your ISAs, pensions and other investments in different places, you can view everything at a single glance. This cuts down on paperwork, giving you a clearer picture of how your portfolio is performing. More importantly, it can make it easier for you and your financial adviser to make informed decisions about your investments, with a clear picture of your future plans, financial position and attitude to risk.

As with all investments, the value and the income generated can fall as well as rise. This means you may not get back what you originally invested or transferred into your account.

The risks in your portfolio will depend on the investments you have chosen. We will explain all these risks to you as part of our recommendation.

The performance of your investment will be reduced by the effect of charges, including platform charges, adviser charges, fund manager charges and tax wrapper charges.

Watch our brief video explaining how your savings and investments form part of your financial plan

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